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We serve hotel entrepreneurs. We enjoy our work because we have been hotel entrepreneurs and advisors since 1973. Hotel owners and investors use our experience and capabilities to successfully leverage their time and effort.

In short, we offer practical proven skill sets to advance your hotel business plan. We can save you time, trouble and money so you can realize more from your hotel investment!

Our Principal Team

Photo of Bill Bowen, President CEO
Bill Bowen

President, CEO

Bill Bowen entered the hotel business as a young executive on the real estate development and construction team at Days Inn. He later became steeped in deal formation, hotel operations, marketing and franchising, Later, Bill formed Premier Hotel Corporation and has developed, acquired and operated hotels throughout the U.S.. He has experience in owning and operating multiple brands and independent hotels individually and with partners and investors. He has deep contacts and relationships in the hotel industry.

Nigel Duffett

Vice President, COO

Nigel Duffett joined Premier Hotel Corporation in 2012 to oversee hotel operations and marketing. With an international travel and lodging background, Nigel has a remarkable understanding of how trends and forces in the travel landscape influence individual hotel property locations. Well steeped in brands, independent hotels and franchising Nigel is well equipped to operate, market and manage revenue for many sizes and classes of hotels. Nigel is well thought of by investors and partners in PHC managed deals.

Michael Bowen

Vice President, CFO

Michael Bowen holds a Master of Science in Finance degree from Georgetown University and is a CFA ® Charterholder. Michael Bowen joined Premier Hotel Corporation in 2015 after working with Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, where he closed loans across a variety of real estate asset classes. As CFO at Premier, Michael is responsible for providing underwriting, capital markets consultation and financial due diligence to the company's diverse client base. As an experienced owner and investor in commercial real estate, he greatly enjoys networking with other investors as they seek to accomplish their business objectives.


nigel.duffett@premierhotel.com          (786) 338-1503             

Clearwater, Florida

michael.bowen@premierhotel.com    (229)  392-7323

Tifton, Georgia           

bill.bowen@premierhotel.com            (229)  402-2121             

Enigma, Georgia

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